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Our Purpose


Bioenergy has come to play an increasingly important role in reducing greenhouse gases in the environment and is embraced by the EU with the Fit for 55 package. Renewed attention for Baseload power and self-sufficiency of energy is a serious topic with the desire to minimize natural gas and coal consumption for our power and heating requirements. Specifically, the EU has set a goal to reduce emissions and climate change. By the year 2030, GHG emissions should be at least 55 % less than in 1990.

We focus on the shift from fossil natural gas to renewable and low carbon gases and support their uptake from 5% to 66% in 2050, focusing on fuels for transport which industry is responsible for 25% GHG emissions in the EU and on the ambitious EU target for renewable energy of 42,5% by 2030 focusing on sustainable and RED certified feedstock. 

Given the above situation and future trends, SEC provides services and consultancy on:

  • Competition – We support your organisation and deliver highly effective solutions to compete in today’s marketplace.
  • Investment Strategies – we equip your business with the best possible economic arguments while also representing your interests.
  • Natural Resources – with our expert consultants, your company will be ready to meet and maintain sustainability goals. We remain committed to adding value and guiding clientsthrough political reform and legislation.
  • International Brokerage  – our advisory and brokerage service ensures that you stay ahead of market challenges and globalisation issues.


The growing global population, increasing global prosperity and technological development and the associated growing material needs are putting increasing pressure on climate, environment, land and resources. These developments require a different approach to how we organize our technical and economic system while maintaining and growing prosperity. That means we have to be smarter with the materials we already have.

Achieving a climate neutral and circular economy requires the full mobilization of industry and acceptance of consumers that change start with us. The decarbonization and modernization of every sector is essential.

We participate in achieving a circular environment by offering solutions and services supporting business achieving their sustainability goals. We actively support the following Sustainable Development Goals

Mission and Strategy


Bio-energy technology plays an increasingly important role in the circular economy. SEC has the mission to upgrade organic residue streams and valorize these to valuable products that saves CO2 emissions and contribute sustainable to the growing global energy consumption.


As we understand that we can’t change the world by ourselves we have engaged partnerships with who we share the vision and support our goals.

Together we excel in on-site and renewable solutions that have proven itself together with our services to meet your circular and sustainable targets.